About Andromeda

New York City native Andromeda Turre got her professional start as a vocalist when she left Berklee College of Music to sing background vocals for Ray Charles. This incredible opportunity inspired her work ethic, business acumen and appreciation for jazz as a language with the ability incorporate different genres. After Mr. Charles’ unfortunate passing, Andromeda headed back to NYC to star in Woody Allen’s “Murder Myster Blues” at the Midtown Theater in NYC [“Dangerously attractive… soulful voice” – New York Times]. Then a chance audition sent her off to Japan to sing with a Big Band there.

Andromeda was so inspired by both the beauty and culture of Japan, she produced her first album there; “Introducing Andromeda Turre”. The album consists of four original songs and some of her favorite standards she arranged. Unaware of the additional funding she would have needed as an independent artist to be able to properly release the album, Andromeda hit a roadblock being unable to hire publicity and marketing. But instead of living in disappointment, Andromeda created another opportunity for herself. She parlayed the album into a calling card and began submitting to agents and venues around the world.

Before she left Japan she had work lined up for the next couple of years performing in China, Singapore [“Andromeda Turre is a triple threat” – Singapore Business Times], Vietnam, Thailand [“Seductive voice and alluring stage presence” – Bangkok Post] and India. Performing six nights a week in hotels with her own local bands, Andromeda used this time to boost her repertoire, learning a new Jazz Standard or two every week. She was also able to finesse her skills as a bandleader – learning how to communicate on the bandstand across several languages. After her time in Asia, Andromeda headed to Europe for a change of scenery and landed in Italy.

In Europe she got a glimpse of her dream and began to tour as an independent jazz artist. She did concerts not only in Italy [“Freshness, talent and sensuality” – Santa Agata Militello], but in Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, and even made it over to the UK performing in Scotland and England [“Talented… glamorous… gorgeous” – British Theater Guide]. Having learned so much about her voice and herself as an artist since her last release, Andromeda was eager to record another album. This time inspired by the romanticism of La Dolce Vita, Andromeda recorded her second album “Love Story” for a small Italian Record Label. The album consisted of four original songs, four jazz standards, and for contemporary songs re-imagined as jazz. But the album was never released by the label. However, she was able to share a video she shot for one song on that album, her original “Happy Little Samba”.

With a new music video and some live footage from Europe tours, Andromeda’s next stop was Russia [“Marilyn Monroe with Whitney Houston’s voice” – Chelyabinsk Press]. She fell in love with the glamour of the country, singing, modeling and touring with incredibly talented Russian musicians. But although it was enchanting, Russia wasn’t home and it had been years since Andromeda had an address. So back to New York she went.

With the skills she had gathered over the years and a little bit of gumption, Andromeda started her own band in NYC and began hotel residencies and private events. She spent two years in the off-broadway hit Sleep No More, toured with Postmodern Jukebox and starred in Scott Bradlee’s Saturday Morning Slowjams series.

She continues to do vocals and coaching for television and writes music for licensing. Her voice has been used in recordings for Disney, Saturday Night Live, Nickelodeon, OWN network, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Viacom, NBC and many more. As a songwriter, her music has been featured by Abercrombie & Fitch, Bebe, H&M, MTV, VH1, and several other major corporations and video games. She released six albums and many singles of licensing work under the pseudonym Eminent Pulse so as not to confuse her pop/electronica writing with her jazz career.

In 2018, Andromeda released several original singles, Get Away, Champagne, Dreams and Song for Saori. Get Away combines her work in the jazz world and electronic world presenting a fresh electro-bossa sound. Champagne is rooted in traditional jazz, but the remix gives it a modern twist.

Be on the look out for a new album in 2019 featuring original music and fresh takes on jazz standards. Follow on instagram @andromedaturre for up to date information, or sign up for the newsletter below.