Winters in New York have always been chilly, but this year was especially crisp. We were knee deep in snow when our power went out for the third time – and I’m not talking about a little flicker, the previous time we didn’t have power for 10 days.But this time my husband was at work and I was in my music room preparing for an upcoming show when all of a sudden I was left in the dark. Always a fan of a romantic atmosphere, I luckily had several candles within reach so I lit them and got back to work. But with no power comes no heat and after a while I started to feel very cold. I looked at my phone and noticed my battery was getting low, so obviously my first instinct was to look up flights to destinations with warm glowing sunshine.

I desperately wanted to get away from this miserable winter and imagined myself stepping away from all my responsibilities – work, house with no heat – and just heading straight to the airport. I’m way too type A to actually do that, but I allowed myself to escape in my mind and wrote the song Get Away.

The song was written originally as a bossa nova, but seeing as how I wanted to remix my life, I decided to step away from my usual jazzy sound and collaborated with Quintin Zoto and J Shnide to produce the track giving it an electro-bossa sound. A few months later, my husband and I did finally escape to sunny Spain and shot this video together. If you’re reading this and are in desperate need of a vacation, I feel you… you can watch our video and come along with us or pop in your headphones and imagine your own incredible destination. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?