It all started with my song Alive, then Pennies From Heaven decided to tag along and Smells Like Teen Spirit jumped in and came along for the ride. At this point I realized I had something bigger on my hands than just recording a couple of videos for Youtube. A quick google search to ask how many songs are on an EP (four) and I knew I needed to create one more song.

Since I hadn’t started out with the intention of an EP I didn’t have any kind of concept or overarching story in mind. Which, being the A type person that I am made me not want to do it at all because it wouldn’t be “perfect”. But there’s something to be said for being vulnerable and I knew that putting these songs out there in raw form was a risk I needed to take in order to keep my momentum going.

But what to say with this song? It was around this time that I saw the movie The Greatest Showman and was swept away by the magic of the show. I was inspired by the concept that your only limit is your imagination and was also thinking about how acts both then and now are described with such delicious verbiage. This became the inspiration for my song, Golden. My late Aunt Gayle used to always say to me, “find you light and shine” and that’s exactly what I intended to do – I imagined myself getting my moment to shine.

Brighter than the sun
Lighter than the sky
Even faster than the wind blows
Even taller than the tree grows

Harder than a stone
Sweeter than a rose
Even hotter than molten lava
More harmonious than Nirvana

This is what it takes to be the Golden one
This is all you need to be the chosen one
Everybody needs their moment in the sun to shine

On the morning of the video shoot there was a lot of moving parts to manage. My husband was a big help running back and forth to the train station to pick band members up that had arrived to our Westchester home from NYC and making sure everybody had food and beverages. He assisted with just about everything that day, because he’s the best and I’m lucky to have him. I was also helping to get everything set up, rehearsing four pieces of music the band hadn’t played before and trying to find time to do my hair and makeup. We only had a few hours because mostly everyone had gigs or other commitments so there was no margin for error. I was grateful to have such professionals and incredible talents in not only my brother Orion Turre but in John DiMartino on Piano and Rashaan Carter on Bass. My Dad came for moral support and brought his Trombone as he would also be leaving for a gig after. When we started to rehearse Golden, my Dad really liked it and wanted to play a solo on it. I was overjoyed and flattered that he liked a song that I wrote enough to want to play on it, and luckily Kevin Read our engineer had extra microphones at the ready.

Once we were ready to start rolling, Golden was the first song we did. When we moved on to Pennies from Heaven which was next, I realized I didn’t have a monitor and couldn’t hear myself well so we added one. At the end of the day listening back to all the takes, I didn’t want to release Golden. It wasn’t “perfect” and I knew I could do it better. But this whole experience was not about perfect, it was about momentum and vulnerability and if I wanted an EP, I needed four songs. So I got over myself and put it out there.

The funny thing is, when all was said and done, the audio company I use to release songs wouldn’t accept the live recording to release so it only ended up going on youtube anyway. I put the LIVE EP up on my website for free download for a while as well and I’m so happy it’s out there because it was my first collaboration with my Dad and on a song that I wrote. I’m really proud of that. I’m grateful that music pulled me out of a rut and pushed me one step closer to getting my moment to shine. And because the whole thing wasn’t perfect and I wanted to do better, I kept the momentum going. I started my Growing Up Jazz series. I wrote and recorded Get Away and Champagne. I restructured my website to be exactly who I am and what I’m about – Songs & Stories. I started sharing more on Instagram and using IGTV to further my Songs & Stories. And I’ve got more up my sleeve coming soon.