Going to Italy is really the most romantic thing you can do, even if you’re alone. I was there performing for several months and got swept away by the magic in the air – La Dolce Vita.My love story began with falling in love with myself, a very important thing to do while being single. I wrote Happy Little Samba while living in Italy and falling madly in love with discovering myself. I also fell in love with gelato, pasta and vino! I imagined myself finding my true love, falling in love with him and wondered what that might feel like. As I was riding in the car home from my gig gazing at the stars, a melody popped into my head which turned into the main melody for Happy Little Samba.

When we recorded the song a few weeks later, I decided to start it off a cappella because that’s how I wrote it. I know it’s called Happy Little Samba and a Samba isn’t Italian but “Happy Tarantella” just didn’t have the same ring to it. The song features Nico Menci on Piano, Marco Marzola on Bass, Darrell Green on Drums and Stacy Dillard on Saxophone.

I hope this bright and cheerful song brightens your day, reminds you of when you fell in love or sparks your imagination to dream about what falling in love might feel like for you.