Midnight Sun was the second song I recorded to enter the Sarah Vaughan Vocal Competition. I was having a tough time picking a ballad because truthfully, I don’t really like singing them. A lot of ballads I find to be either depressing or cheesy and in my whole life as a songwriter I’ve only written two ballads, neither of which could I enter because the song needed to be a standard.

With only three days until the recording session, I asked my Dad for a suggestion and he came up with Midnight Sun. I was not very familiar with the song (I also don’t like listening to ballads – I usually skip them on albums. Oops.) So I gave it a listen and this ballad told a beautiful story and one that I was familiar with. While I have had the great privilege of experiencing the beauty of the Midnight Sun while in Russia in 2012, that’s not what this song brought up for me. The lyrics reminded me of the first kiss I had with my husband.

Before I met my husband, I wrote a one woman musical called “Kiss Me” which I debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the show was about the search for the last first kiss. My last first kiss with Lars was quite memorable, I can still close my eyes and be transported instantly back to that moment – which is exactly what happened when I heard the opening lyrics to Midnight Sun: “your lips were like a red and ruby chalice, warmer than the summer night”. As the song progressed it continued to align with our story; the silver rain, the sky turning pale (lightning in our case) and after he kissed me goodnight, he drove home and I truly felt like I still had stardust on my sleeve. As I write this blog now in the icy white of (almost) December, I can close my eyes and remember that moment his lips were close to mine… and stay forever.