It all started with my song Alive, then Pennies From Heaven decided to tag along and Smells Like Teen Spirit jumped in and came along for the ride. At this point I realized I had something bigger on my hands than just recording a couple of videos for Youtube. A quick google search to ask how many songs are on an EP (four) and I knew I needed to create one more song.

Some of my first memories as a child are of jazz festivals: hanging out backstage, dancing around in the audience, being mesmerized by the incredible legends on the stage. To me it all seemed as normal as going to summer camp or eating ice cream on a hot day. I loved the festival life – meeting new people, hearing new songs, trying new foods, sleeping in fancy hotels. Getting to do this every summer with my family was really a dream because it combined my two favorite things: music and family. Both of my parents worked with such talented and interesting people, the world of jazz and festival lifestyle feels like home.